Winner of season eight of rupuals drag race
AKA Big ol bottom
Bob the drag queen shantay you stay.
by FuckMeDaddyONEmoretime May 17, 2016
Bob the Drag Queen is the winner of RuPaul's Drag Race season 8. Bob easily made it to the top 3 using his comedic talents. He had a rivalry/friendship with Derrick Barry, bonding over their shared lack of makeup skills. For an example of Bob's looks, type 'Bob the Drag Queen robot suit' in google. You have been warned.
guy : 'Hey, have you heard about Bob the Drag Queen?'

chick : 'No, I haven't, who is that?'
guy : 'Bob is the drag queen Michelle said looked ratchet'
chick : 'Oh yeah, now I remember...isn't she the one who always enters a room purse first?'
by Rigga Morris January 1, 2018
Even bigger than a Mega-Drag Queen. A female, impersonating a man, impersonating a female drag queen.
Some of the best Examples of Meta-Drag Queens: Madonna, Lady GaGa, Liza, Cher, Carol Channing, and possibly even Roseanne!
by TopazChanteuse February 11, 2011
Wisdom commonly shared between drag queens, usually involving being oneself and not apologizing for it. Not to be confused with famous drag queen Wanda Wisdom.
Drag Queen Wisdom is like Southern Wisdom, but with more sass.
by The Logical Fallacy January 1, 2019
A male who constantly uses a female persona/nickname online. Usually an e-drag queen can be found in lesbian chat rooms trying to convince the actual women (or other e-drag queens in there) that he is infact a woman and wants to have cyber sex with them, exchange pics and sometimes even cam. More often than not when these e-drag queens are looking for Cam 2 Cam, they come up with "oh my cam isn't working at the moment" to make sure that they aren't caught.
More often than not, these e-drag queens usually end up cybering eachother thinking that they are the only one who is clever enough to think of such a devious idea.
*Bobby_Jr is now known as Ria
<Ria> I'm in my mid 40's is that okay with you?
<Sarah16Cali> I guess so
<Ria> I've been coming in here for years, and I think I can trust you so I'll tell you something.
<Sarah16Cali> what's that?
<Ria> My real name is Bob. They all think I'm a real woman haha.
<Sarah16Cali> ewww you're an e-drag queen!!
by UnregisteredNinja February 13, 2009
A spirit of a dead Toronto drag queen known to momentarily inhibit bodies of men. When inhibited, men will exhibit symptoms of a flamboyancy and deeply-pitched female speech.
Nailo is being possesed by puff the magic drag queen. He sounds like that dead Toronto drag queen from some time ago.
by Nailo April 29, 2005