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Wisdom is knowing what you know as well as what you dont know.
Wisdom is not not simply knowing what to do, but doing it.
Many people will without invitation offer their "words of wisdom", wise people realise when it is not their time or place to do so.
A wise person does not think less of another who chooses not to follow their advice.
Wisdom is not undermining a person for their weaknesses, but appreciating their strengths differ from yours.
by tazta March 11, 2006
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Watch One Flew over the cuckoos nest and observe the chiefs character. He is the epitome of wisdom.
by Tahir Khan December 29, 2009
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knowing the secrets of the world and knowing how to deal with everything in it, knowing the cause and effect of living a certain way in this cant get wisdom by being on honor roll or reading numerous text books, it comes with age and experience...
everything you do comes back to you
you get what u put in
turn the other cheek
live life the way you want to live it, not the way ne body else wants u 2
if you have to give up ur friends 2 do the right thing, do it, fuck friends
dont trust anybody
put ur trust in urself and God cuz ur friends get you smoked
be honest
be true 2 urself and thats all that matters
its not a lie if u believe it
try to help the bad guy, not the good guy, cuz the good dont need help
always see urself as #1, and everyone else can suck dick
respect God and urself
^^after all those points, you gotta merge goodness and kindness in there 2, along w/ generosity and forgiveness, and love
by smelly_balls March 18, 2005
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"Wisdom is defined as the application of practical knowledge not written down and written knowledge guided by ethics toward the achievement of a common good. It balances our (a) individual interests, (b) our close relationships interests, and (c) society interests. Through this we choose the best paths in life (a) adaptation to our environment, (b) changing our environments, and or (c) selecting the best new environment."
According to Dr. Robert Sternberg
Bill Clinton did not show wisdom in the Monica Lewinsky scandal. He let his short term individual pleasures overcome his interests as president, for his family, and for the American people who lost faith in him. He almost got impeached for his actions.

In contrast a minority student balances his family interests for not an expensive school as they are helping him pay, as well as his own interests in education, and so enrolls in a community college on the way to his bachelor degree to save two years of money in tuition expenses on route to completing his four year bachelors degree.
by A32123 April 27, 2015
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The act of thinking of somethin stupid to say and not saying it.
"What are you doing for your birthday"
"*Ya mum*... oh Nothing."
by KinGAleX March 21, 2005
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2 in Supreme Mathematics

wise-words being spoken, or to speak Knowledge (wise-dome meaning a wise-mind), and act according to it
Wisdom is water, or the vital building block of life. Wisdom is the original woman because through her Cipher (womb) life is continued. It is also a reflection of one's Knowledge, and is shown and proven by the moon, being a reflection of the Sun's light (knowledge). Knowledge + the reflection of Knowledge = Wisdom (1+1=2).
by LiquidSwords October 12, 2005
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A gift that can only come from God. It goes beyond knowledge. Wisdom is the ability to understand the ways of the world and the people within it. Wisdom is insight and keen understanding; accumulated experience and knowledge gained from others over time. You can't get it from any book, except the Bible.
The wise receive wisdom, and the fools rely on they own understanding.
by Detrimental Deity January 15, 2006
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