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A phrase normally used by fat middle-aged female journalists to make their fat middle-aged readers feel better about them selves. They use to somehow imply that any woman that isn’t overweight isn’t a “real woman” Also used by the disgusting dove campaign for “real beauty” which uses this bullshit to sell soap. This word is synonymous with the word “curvy” which has also lost its real meaning.
Fat woman: Victoria Beckham isn’t a real woman because she’s not a fat bitch like me
Man: Oh, so how the fuck did she have three kids then?
by jerry_the_worm February 12, 2008
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A real woman is a woman that knows how to show you a good time; she isn't like those other girls , she knows what she's doing in all aspects whether it's in the bedroom or not
Marry: hey, did you fuck jake last night
Me: yeah a shown him a real woman
by Pheonixdon December 07, 2016
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