- a caring, wonderful, and beautiful girl.
- very good-looking
- will do anything for anyone.
- always puts others first
- a great friend (you will never find a greater friend)
- people take her for granted

- funloving
- an all over awsome chick
- How hot is that chick!

- Yeah, she has the whole package!

- Her name must be Roseanne!
by love is the answer February 4, 2010
A show for the proletariat. Follows the trials and tribulations of a low class family in Lanford, Illinois. Family members include Roseanne Conner, the titular main character and overweight house wife who attempts to make ends meet with minimum wage jobs. Dan Conner, played by the masterful John Goodman, is the overweight father, who goes through various states of employment and unemployment and, while relying on Roseanne's jobs to keep food on the table, seems almost emasculated. To make up for this, Dan is often seen tinkering with cars or motorcycles, maintaining a sense of 'manliness' through his castration.

Secondary characters include DJ, the youngest child of the family and only boy offspring. He is used often as comic relief, but in later years, is used to appeal to the indie moviegoers of the late 90's. Darlene, the middle child, is a gawky teenager in the early years of the show, but is changed to a brooding, almost gothic character in the later years. Becky rounds out the trio of children, and shows how a smart girl is changed by a 'bad boy', Mark Healy, Becky's boyfriend and later husband, who is a stereotypical greaser. Mark's brother, David, is Darlene's booksmart, effeminate boyfriend and later husband.

The story of each episode related to the poverty of the family, growing up poor, or living with parents in which the gender roles are reversed. In the last seasons, the family begins to live with the dangers of extreme wealth after winning the lottery, including adultery and strangely, lesbianism.

The first season dvd was released in the summer of 2005.
Anthony: Oh man I cannot wait for Roseanne to come on.
Morgan: Shit, me too.
Anthony: Why are we so addicted to Roseanne on Nick at Nite?
Morgan: Because we are gay proletariat and in the seventh season we will become rich.
Anthony: What?
by 6:47 AM October 17, 2005
When a girl is so fat, like Rosanne from the TV show, that you can fold over her stomach fat and use it as a fourth orifice for sexual intercourse.
Yeah man, I was so drunk that I couldn't find her vag so I just Roseanned her.
by DatJiveTurkey January 9, 2010
Look at that girl she is taking a cardboard cut out of harry styles on a walk she must be Roseanne
by Abbiebunnybear March 5, 2017
a cold hard bitch

and a slut

gives out blowjobs for free and shags guys in the cinema.

like a hooker.

Very pretty and has guys wrapped around her finger.

Steals your boyfriend and then shags him in the girls toilets for everyone to hear.

Hoebag really.
guy 1: Check that girl.
guy 2: stay away, she's a roseanne.
by prettygirl77 March 12, 2009
To Roseanne something is to say something so horribly offensive and unacceptable that you not only ruin your career, but you hurt all those around you, too.
Oh man did you see what she said on twitter? I heard ABC canceled her show for it. Man, she really Roseanne'd it.
by Stephademic May 29, 2018
She'll be the best person you'll ever meet. Roseann is naturally a girls/woman's name. Loves to sleep, and loves chocolate.
Person 1: who is that?
Person 2: That is the one and only Roseann.
by Hope Simmons January 1, 2014