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The girl, one man should always hold on to and never let go of. She is a goodluck charm, never let go of her. She is the one girl that everyman wants to hold in there arms. However, there is only one man in the world that deserves to have this beauty. She must be treated like an angel, she must be looked upon as a princess, she truly is a gift. She holds a great value, importance, and worth in the world. Whoever has her in his hands is one lucky man! She is the best girl any man can wish for, no one is better than her! She can make anyone smile and laugh. She has the cutest nose in the world! It is so fun to touch her nose and look at her pretty cute beautiful angel face that looks like a goddess. She will take your breath away! Oh and also she is the sexiest woman on planet earth! Please please whoever has her, treat her right, she is a special one, it doesn't and will never get better than her. She has an INCREDIBLE and EDIBLE body! ;) Her beautiful eyes make it easy for one to fall into. Her luscious lips are so tempting! She is so gorgeous! OMG she makes you so happy that you will cry out of happiness. She will make your life, she will complete you. But there is only one lucky guy who get to hold her in his arms forever. She is special who ever you are, make sure you treat her like an angel from up above, she truly is a gift from God.
Akhil is the only guy who deserves Ria, they are perfect for each other, they make the greatest couple ever.

Ria is like omg the funniest person to be around, life is a wonderful adventure, fantasy land, dream with her! You wont regret meeting this girl.
by funnykidakhil January 12, 2012
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Rias are TRUE friends! Not like any other true friend, their like sisters to you, you will barely have ANY fights with them; whenever they tell you what to do, don't argue with them just follow. They always know whats right and wrong for you! Love them like family when their still with you because one day if you lose them, it'll be hard to live without them! If you have met a Ria, treasure the moment you guys met! Don't be shy to reach out to them and get advice, their ALWAYS good helpers! They are very intelligent and are very honest at ALL times! They can be VERY athletic! They have lots of sense of humor and are very hard to let go, they make friends fast! They are cool; so trust them! If your best friends with a Ria, spend every second with her because she'll make EVERY second in your life an AMAZING experience! Also, she will love and care for you just as much as you do for her!
Ria, Thanks for the advice!!! :

Ria, I remember when we first met; I treasured it since then!
by AznNerd024 June 29, 2010
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The name of the girl some guy professed his love to on this site
by anonymous4070 March 29, 2018
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Ria is an uncommon girl's name, but commands a large amount of respect. It is intellectual, beautiful, and well mannered. Ria's are often people of color, and usually have awesome little laughs and laugh lines on their faces. They have wisdom to be reckoned with.
Wow! She has straight A's AND she's tutoring four kids! What a Ria!
by Maddieeeeee :)) March 31, 2009
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Stands for Rest In Awesome. Invented by John Green for the passing of Esther Earl, the shining star of nerdfighteria.
R.I.A Esther. Your memories are in our hearts.
by sandwhich-girl August 30, 2010
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