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A guy with a doctorates with an ability to pull advice out of his ass
"Please buy my new book,' More Advice puled out of my ass'" -Dr Phil
by cyberfreakct38 January 30, 2009
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Jerry Springer with a PhD (Piled Higher and Deeper).
Dr Phil's "patients" are just a richer white trash than Springer's.
Keep out of this asshole! Who the fuck do you think you are? Dr fucking Phil?
by Mike Mc Donald December 29, 2004
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verb meaning 'to over-analyse and come up with a stupid conclusion'
'We're going to go home, get some drinks, and Dr Phil Rosie's date with John'

'They broke up because he did a Dr Phil over what she'd been up to on Saturday night'
by Annamonkey May 08, 2006
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Bald ass male who "won't turn his back on you" according to the intro of the Dr Phil show.
Doug to Cash "Yo looks like ol Johnny thinks Genies are real again."

Cash "Yeah I heard he exposed himself to several teachers too. He needs Dr Phil bad bro."
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by VictorRez3ov February 05, 2019
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