Do you even hear yourself?
Iam "You really should take your own advice more. How is that not suffering stupidly?"

Hym "Oh and I know that I said it wasn't people but you all think that I'm worse than a not person so I don't see how you're not exactly the same. There's going to be a food shortage, apparently. While I'm starving to death (and you're not) I'll try to remind myself that it's my own fault and not everyone else's. I'll be like that guy who died because he couldn't afford insulin. Literally watching the hourglass of my life pour down to nothing and dying in terror while a retard who's dad owns half of the city I live in pays for me to live for free while my staff hires me women to fuck. I'm clearly the piece of shit here and I should have just got someone to pay me $100,000 to tell them that the sky is blue. Clearly entirely my fault."

Iam "Stop. This why everyone hates us."

Hym "They all hate anyone that isn't on their team anyway. Idiots."
by Hym Iam April 27, 2022
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Advice is something helpful that you tell someone
Tom "Hey Betty, you should fucking kill yourself"
Betty "Maybe I should, that's some great advice"
by Advice420 May 14, 2019
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Yeah bro she gave me some great "advice" last night.

Hey I really need some "advice" right about now.
by LimeInfinity September 10, 2010
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Help with something. Often confused with the word "attention" on teen forums like TeenSpot.
Proper use of the word "advice":
"I need advice on asking her out, can you help me?" by SomeAwesomeDude (600 posts)

Improper use of the word "advice":
"im bi....i need advice" by XxXhottxbixbabeXxX (1 post)
by spel itt rite October 5, 2006
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don't trust Lucinda is Lit or Butterfly warrior. they want to kill the children and lock them in their basements
use this advice
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some crap that people give you that they think will help you, but doesn't really. It really pisses you off, but you just not and go along with it, hoping they'll go away.
I was given the advice once that you should never eat a dirty girl or you'll get a tongue disease.
by animedude May 2, 2004
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