A chick that ain't afraid to be down with her man she'll do anything her man needs her to do.
We was fighting in the store and my girl was a ride or die chick
by tweetyliciousma April 4, 2005
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'ride or die chick' refers to someone who (normally a girl, hence the word chick) is down for everything & anything. Basically down for both the bad and the good.
by Gabiita May 26, 2008
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a girl who is down for her man in any situation. a girl who's not afraid of throwin down side by side with her man, even if she's the only female. she's the girl who rides in tha passenger seat with tea heat ready on her lap & knows all the targets. a ride or die chick cooks for, cleans for, and entertains her man by any means neccessary.
that girl a ride or die chick. she always by her mans side wenever shyt go down.
by Mama Hound January 15, 2009
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A female mountain biker, esp. one who likes it rough, rocky, downhill & other fun terrain (opposed to straight & flat) and is really passionate about it (ride or die), as much as the boys are.
With all the men in the sport, ride or die chicks are cool & rare (& sexy).
by Got rocks? (Leah) October 16, 2008
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A hot chick who rides sports bikes and loves the thrill. Not cruisers... a ride or die chick wants speed. And if she can handle a 600cc bike, imagine her in bed... (to die for)
by tooshort May 11, 2005
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A female who is willing to stick with you even if death is the ultimate fate of their relationship.
A historical example of a ride or die chick is Eva Braun because she was willing to commit suicide with her horrible boy friend Adolph Hitler. If that isn't ride or die i don't know what is.
by s13coupekilla January 5, 2011
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The kind of chick that you would marry. Shes always there for you
Person 1: "Damn, my chick is a ride and die chick. She's always there for me."
Person 2: "That's good"
by slangsmooth October 20, 2015
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