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dowling /'dau(-&)ling/ noun
1 : a feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not; especially : the false assumption of an appearance of virtue or religion
2 : a pious hypocrite,
That Baptist minister was certainly a dowling in the way he condemned all people of color.

This word came into use by the students and former students of Kay D------,
Now retired she was a special education teacher at Freehold Elementary Schools in Freehold New Jersey. The term dowling is also interchangeable with the term “45 minute Catholic”, meaning a person that practices the virtues of Roman Catholicism for the duration of the mass but NOT outside of the mass.
Kay apparently has professed to being a “devout” Catholic and is rumored not to have missed a single mass in her adult life. However, she declined a trip to Rome, Italy to see the Pope and the Vatican being that Italy was loaded with Italians and other “undesirable foreigners“.
In her teaching career, a Chinese-American family filed charges against her alleging that she was prejudice against their son. One of the key points of the case alleged there was a conflict of interest being that her husband was a member of the Freehold Township Board of Education. While the charges were dismissed, the case hit the national nightly news.
Moreover, many of Kay’s students that happened to African-Americans, ethic or religious minorities and perceived as living alternative lifestyles, alleged they were discriminated against. She has been observed by a fellow teacher as referring to African-American as “coons”.
As for the psychology of Kay D------, Freud referred to the condemnation of something one has an inclination toward as a “reaction formation”. Another possible explanation is that she has an inferiority complex and by “looking-down” on various minorities it makes her feel better about herself. While the unique psychology of Kay will probably always be a mystery, one can only surmise as to her psychology and her seeming intolerance of certain people. It may well be the result of Catholic guilt (deeply branded in Kay‘s psyche), family expectations and numerous childhood issues.
by Student from Freehold NJ February 14, 2006
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term used to describe providing retainers at the beginning of treatment, with no regard for alignment (or anything else).
The Orthodentist (General Dentist) or Orthodontist (Bad Practitioner) is in the business of Dowling.
by moonvalley May 10, 2018
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