A person born in China, of Chinese ancestry, who is raised in America with American values, culture, and citizenship. This person is often mistaken for a Chinese born and raised individual, but their lack of Mandarin/Chinese language fluency and lack of Chinese idiosyncratic cultural norms sets them apart.
My adopted, Chinese Born American (CBA) daughter finds it difficult to navigate culturally when in China. People assume she can speak Mandarin perfectly and that she is a native raised Chinese person, when in fact she couldn't be more American culturally even though she is racially Chinese.
by LuckyMum July 11, 2016
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A Chinese-American is someone who was born in China or has Chinese ancestors, but resides in the US.
Person 1: Bro what is your nationality?
Person 2: I am Chinese-American.
by Dragondo123 October 3, 2021
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