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1. Literally, not a person.

2. Doesn't deserve to be a person; a waste of a life.
Nobody calls me a nobody!
by Downstrike December 01, 2004
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Term given to people who try and get their name added to Urban Dictionary and/or Wikipedia, by simply creating a new term and then adding completely bogus information to make themselves look cool.
CainAble (While editing for Urban Dictionary): Accept. Accept. WTF, that doesn't even make sense, Reject! Accept. LMAO thats a good one, accept that one! OMFG! Why do these people insist on trying to get their names into U.D.?! Fucking nobodies! REJECT!

Dude: Hey, did you hear that Dan tried to get his name into Wikipedia and was rejected. LMAO!
Bro: What a fucking dumbass! Doesn't he know that they would have rejected that.
Dude: No, he is just a nobody!
by CainAble May 14, 2008
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A person who's memories have faded away from the rest. Who's dwelled too long and got to the void. Someone far bellow hell and emptiness they no longer exist.
"Who are you again?" Sam asked.

"I'm an ANobody." The dweller said in shame.
by tesolcian July 18, 2018
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