When you can control both your hands with equal precision, you're ambidextrous.
-Hey, I can fap with either of my hands!
-w00t! You're ambidextrous, dude!
by Schteen November 10, 2003
The ability to use both hands with equal proficiency.
"I'll can beat you with with both of my hands because I am ambidextrous."

"Don't be relieved because Billy has a gun in his left hand, he can still bust a cap in yo ass because he's ambidextrous"
by Mark November 10, 2003
To be a complete BA and be able to use both hand with equal persicion. If you're ambidextrous, you are one BA person. Rock on.
Woah dude! You're ambidextrous! Sweeeet!
by ambidextrousBA July 19, 2011
To be able to use either hand, equally as well in an action
That kid is ambidextrous; he can write with either hand
by GuyTeipleX July 21, 2016
The act of being able to masturbate with both hands without having arm tensions.
Dude 1 - "Damn, man did you see Jill last night? She was giving two dudes handies without stopping!"

Dude 2 - "Man, I know, she's pretty ambidextrous.
by TheToLsOnattor December 29, 2011
"Their hands had come out as bisexual, unlike the rest of them, who had consequently come out as ambidextrous"
by Silvermist Ranger March 27, 2022
The ability to use both hands with equal proficiency.
"I can throw with my left and right hand." "WOAH THAT'S SO COOL YOUR AMBIDEXTROUS"
by buddy222222222 November 26, 2018