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Outercourse performed by parallel and not perpendicular genital motion. Pronounced "dooging".
Seriously, douging is better than dome!

by Zephyrus June 23, 2006
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When one man is fucking another man in the ass then cum's in his ass. Then the guy sucks the cum out of the other man's ass with his mouth then they begin to swap it back and forth between each others mouth.
cum in my ass so we can perform douging
by Romon Reyes April 24, 2009
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When a group of people randomly meet up in the woods, often at night and create a circle of cars with the lights pointing to the center of the circle. At least two people then enter the circle and play golf while the others watch.
Ideally one of the people in the circle is Polish or ginger, getting both a Polish and a ginger playing golf within the circle at the same time is known as 'super douging'

Douging is named after the inspiration for the practice - Douglas Simpson.
I'm getting a new driver this week, hope it arrives in time to take it douging tonight.
Anyone know any Polish or gingers? I need a douging partner for this evening and Doug pulled out at the last minute.
by ps3ud0nym May 06, 2014
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