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The act of grinding and cumming to completion without ever entering the body.
"Me and my girl had outercourse, man her jeans felt so good."
by Vanilla Water November 07, 2017
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Referring to the heavy unfashionable winter jacket and patterned mittens Sanders wore to the inauguration of Joe Biden.
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Dry humping or grinding. Sex is intercourse, as in the penis is put "in" the vagina. Fooling around without penetration and staying "out" of the hole is therefore outercourse.
I'm dating this christian chick who's saving herself for marriage. It's not all bad though. We get to have outercourse.
by heatseekerflex November 14, 2013
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Basically having intercourse, without really going in. Hence, outercourse, also known as dry sex or dry humping. Some people prefer this since there is no direct skin-to-skin contact, meaning... No STD's or pregnancy (usually). Can lead to the point of orgasm for both male and female.
by El Katie-O December 28, 2005
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Pretty much the opposite of intercourse, except with clothes on. It consists of male/female couple rubbing up against each other for sexual pleasure.
Damn I literally just had an orgasm for the outercourse.

I know! It was great.
by iheartsexmeowmeow October 13, 2011
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