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A slang, joking insult used for humor, a simple combination of douchebag and asshole.
Our president is a complete douchehole!
by Jaime Rae May 22, 2006
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Doo-Sh Ho-L (Adj.) - A person, usually a man, who is acting like a douche bag (see <i>douche bag</i>) and an asshole (see <i>asshole</i>) which in fact means he is being a complete vagina (see <i>vagina</v>). To call someone a Douche Hole is usually vulgar.
When Grandpa took my xbox outside and shot it with a shotgun, I realized he was a complete douche hole.
by Beef Pattington May 20, 2010
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A person who is equal parts douchebag and asshole. Usually reserved for the males species but not always.
Matt: I'm watching the game and having a brewskie, come over?
Ryan: Sorry man, I got a roller blading competition in an hour.
Matt: Ice skating after that? When did you become such a fucking douche hole?
by Mo Nuts April 29, 2007
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douche + asshole. thereby, making the person in question, more of a douche and an asshole at the same time. generally used with people who just drive you crazy and calling them anything else just seems too little. it was invented for frank lampard.
That Frank Lampard is such a douchehole.
by jlschen April 24, 2009
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Another word for pussy. Usually randomly sputtered out when no other insult comes to mind.
guy: Dude you're such a douchehole
dude: What?
by Betsch March 12, 2008
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When you can't decide if a person is a douchebag, an asshole or both.
Did you see Glen Beck crying and lying on TV? What a douchehole!!!
by Blancoboy200 October 18, 2009
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