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how stupid people spell your mom.
It's your mom. not you're mom. learn grammar.
by Betsch March 02, 2008

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1. The single worst thing to happen to music.

2. "teen pop," as sung by either 12 year olds who think they're 16.
Radio disney sucks!!
by Betsch February 28, 2008

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1. One of Canadian Supergroup Rush's best known songs.

2. The poster song for Rush. Basically the song people know when they pretend to like Rush to gain respect of a friend who likes rush.
A modern warrior mean mean stride, todays Tom Sawyer, mean mean pride.

"i love tom sawyer"
"dude, maybe you should listen to some of their other songs"
by Betsch February 28, 2008

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1. Proof that white dudes can rock an afro too.

2. Guitarist/singer/songwriter of the band Wolfmother
Check out Andrew Stockdale's fro!
by Betsch March 06, 2008

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1. A sudden explosion of obcenities. Location has little to no bearing on how severe the bomb will be. At work, on the phone, driving; Doesn't matter. They're gonna swear. And they're gonna swear alot. This phenomenon is normally brought on by hours of dormant frustration finally reaching the breaking point.

2. Tourettes bombing is the act of exploding such obcenities
"Someone cut off my Mom in traffic yesterday, and she let out the biggest tourettes bomb ever"

"Sudoku's angering. It started out as a simple puzzle, but ended up with me ripping it to shreds and tourettes bombing the cubicle"
by Betsch November 11, 2008

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1. A set of boobs that is at least 50 percent tissue paper. Common in younger girls, and in some cases freshman/sophomor cheerleaders.

2. Any girl that stuffs her bra

Guy- Dude check out that girls set!
Dude- Forget her. She's a total paper rack.
by Betsch March 06, 2008

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Another word for pussy. Usually randomly sputtered out when no other insult comes to mind.
guy: Dude you're such a douchehole
dude: What?
by Betsch March 12, 2008

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