Verb: the act of re-dipped a previously bitten out of chip or vegetable.

It is considered an offense in many households, and many parties.

Origin: a Sienfeld episode in which George Castanza double dipped a chip, to the dismay of a party-goer.
Party-goer: What are you doing?
George: What?
Party-goer: Did... did you just double dip that chip?
George: Scuze-me?
George: Double dipped? Wha-what are you talkin about?
Party-goer: You dipped the chip, you took a bite... and you dipped again!
George: So?
Party-goer: THAT'S LIKE PUTTING YOUR WHOLE MOUTH RIGHT IN THE DIP! Look, from now on when you take a chip, just take one dip and END IT!
by iamnobody00 May 17, 2009
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Favorite behavior of crude diners. Involves dipping your crudite or corn chip into a sauce, taking a bite from the veggie or chip, and then re-dipping the half digested item back into the sauce

Made famous on Seinfeld some years back.
Sign at country fair food stall: "DO NOT DOUBLE DIP!"
by ignor September 19, 2004
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Hitting the backside, then the frontside while skipping a must needed wash at the sink.

Hit the stink, then the pink, skip the sink. --or--

From the back to the front, on the hunt.
That girl got a UTI because she let him double dip the ice cream cone.
by enemesis_link March 8, 2006
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to recieve oral form a woman and then preform anal with her after which she resumes the oral
this girl is such a freak, she double dips no questions asked!
by TRUEFATE May 20, 2004
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When you screw your girlfriend and about an hour later you go screw the girl next door.
by josh grier July 9, 2005
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The act of having unprotected vaginal sex with two or more women in a twelve hour period without washing your penis.
Dude I screwed Ashley then I double dipped Sarah.
::High Five::
by dead dinosaur hauler December 7, 2007
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to stick your weiner in chip-dip, lick, and re-dip without sanitizing first.
by pun tang October 17, 2003
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