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The act of re-using your chewing tobacco by putting a dip in, realizing you dont have any left, leaving it in for a little while, then taking it back out and putting it back in your tin for later use. This is only done is emergency situations when attaining a new tin is not applicable.
"Damn, i'm out of dip man"
"Dont you still have that re-dip from last time?"
"Fuckin right doggie!"
by Deuce2217 March 05, 2007
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Verb. The act of putting your chaw in a girls ass while railing her from the rear, then after finishing re packing your chaw.
"My girl almost passed out after I re-dipped her"

"I thought you were out of dip?!"
"This is a re-dip"

*hi five"
by Rustyshackelf June 12, 2015
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