The act of seeing two movies for the price of one at a public movie theater. You watch the first movie, take special notice of when the next movie will start, hang out in the restroom until the appropriate start time, and then mosey on over to the correct theater. It causes undue stress for only saving 10 bucks, but it can make an afternoon fly by.
So I was checking out a double feature the other day, but I was so nervous I hid out in the women's restroom! So much for not calling attention to myself
by Youthful Wisdom February 22, 2007
A double feature occurs when two partners simultaneously ejaculate.
How did it go with your date last night?”

It was awesome, we ended the night with a double feature!”
by Whora July 11, 2019
The act of smoking marijuana 5-7 hours into an acid trip and experiencing a sudden and intense resurgence in the LSD experience, often resulting in astral traveling, melting faces, fractal vision, and extreme and aggressive sleeplessness, not to mention the total inability to drive.

N: double feature, double featurer
Although her initial plans for the evening didn't include double featuring, Agatha soon found herself traveling into space through the popcorn ceiling.
by George Elliot September 22, 2009
When you dose on acid, and as you’re peaking, you snort a fat line of coke.
Did you hear about Henry? He did a double feature over the weekend, and reached enlightenment.
by francispoulenc February 23, 2018
1) A person who likes woman and men.
2) A bisexual.
3) A.C.-D.C.
- Hey, wasn't that singer David Bowie gay? I found out he was married with this woman for 24 years!
- Gay? No, he was double feature. I heard he dated Lou Reed and Mick Jagger back in the 70s.
by fannyhill1972 December 13, 2018
During sex, the act of achieving two orgasms in one session.
Yo man, I totally gave that bitch a double feature last night in the parking lot!
by shad owman September 27, 2011