Melting faces describes the action of a boot camp instructor or personal trainer whose ability to influence the body and mind is so powerfully hypnotic that you could literally keep moving until your face melted right off your skull.
client1: how many more reps do we have to-
Instructor: Less talk!!! More push!!! Let's see some melting faces!!!
client1: Aaaaaghhh, I'm meltiiiiiing!!!
client2: Ahahaha, she's mel- oh, WTF, I'm melting toooooo!!!
by savvy_savant August 06, 2010
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Began on the World of Warcraft Priest class forum when a player posted a thread asking if Shadow Priests were any good on PVP servers. The first response was "You will melt faces as a shadow priest in pvp." Hundreds of posts followed that were some variant of this original post.

The ability to "melt faces" is now being used to not only describe shadow priests in World of Warcraft, but anything that "owns" or is "elite."
You will melt faces as a shadow priest in pvp.
by Phantasmal August 21, 2005
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This is what a shadow priest does in pvp.
Yo, how do shadow priests melt faces so well in pvp?
by ninj0r October 23, 2007
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"melting face" kommt von einem thread eines US-WOW-Forums in dem es darum geht dass eine bestimmte klasse in kampf spieler gegen spieler besonders herrausragend ist. glaube der originalsatz lautete "shadow-priests melt faces in pvp(player vs. player)"
Melting faces are caused by shadowpriests in PvP.
by Fizz666 October 13, 2008
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Visual hallucinations generally induced by good LSD. While tripping, acid users may experience face melting.
Man, the Dude experienced extreme face melting after ingesting the LSD. Must have been good stuff.
by thecarmie February 06, 2015
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The condition in which, due to an extreme exposure to an event of epic Awesomeness, Horror or any other emotion on the more extreme end of the spectrum of emotions, one loses all perception of space and time including (but not limited to) a brief lapse in physical awareness. Such an emotional rush can even override Pain, which in some cases may be the cause of the rush.

In addition to being common among the disciples of Metal and among those who get so stoned that they can't feel certain parts of their bodies (such as their faces), it takes on somewhat of a more literal sense if one happens to plaster a White Phosphorus or Acid Grenade on the face of someone annoying them (some Nazis in a certain famous movie learned this the supernaturally hard any case, you really shouldn't mess with White Phosphorus or dangerous Acids except for in Video Games).

While they writhe in pain, it may be customary to say the hilarious-but-somewhat-stupid phrase below:
Enemy n00b: "ARRGH my head asplode!"

You: "Would you like a Guitar Solo with that Face Melting!?" (proceeds to mime awesome solo on Air Guitar)
by JATOG THE GREEN July 18, 2009
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