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Melting faces describes the action of a boot camp instructor or personal trainer whose ability to influence the body and mind is so powerfully hypnotic that you could literally keep moving until your face melted right off your skull.
client1: how many more reps do we have to-
Instructor: Less talk!!! More push!!! Let's see some melting faces!!!
client1: Aaaaaghhh, I'm meltiiiiiing!!!
client2: Ahahaha, she's mel- oh, WTF, I'm melting toooooo!!!
by savvy_savant August 06, 2010
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"melting face" kommt von einem thread eines US-WOW-Forums in dem es darum geht dass eine bestimmte klasse in kampf spieler gegen spieler besonders herrausragend ist. glaube der originalsatz lautete "shadow-priests melt faces in pvp(player vs. player)"
Melting faces are caused by shadowpriests in PvP.
by Fizz666 October 13, 2008
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