with out sleep you close your eyes only for them to open again u blink and its already 6 am and you hear the stupid bird chirping outside and you just want to hit them with a rock
boy: I slept great

girl: I was sleepless go fuck yourself brad
by bella_5792 June 26, 2015
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Sleepless elite: About 2% of the world's population are considered "sleepless elite" which means a person is a night owl and early bird simultaneously.
Sam meets Emma for coffee at 9am: You look a little tired today, Emma.
Emma: I know, I was up late again.

Sam: How do you function on such little sleep?

Emma: Eh, who knows! Consider me the sleepless elite!
by Ambalise May 15, 2016
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When one feels very odd, talks to themself, and just over-all looks drunk. But, the thing is, they aren't. They just haven't gotten sleep for the past 2 days. Yep. So, how I feel while typing this, basically.
"dude.. i feelll liike.. 2016.. is so weaird.."
Non-sleepless-drunk guy: "What exactly are you saying?"
Sleep-less-drunk guy: "I dunno man.. I'm drunk again.. he he. I should go homme.. he ha he he ha ha.
by Synanimous June 6, 2015
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A sleepless Melody is a fantastic Acoustic duo from the suburbs of Melbourne. They have a large fanbase not only on Myspace, but Twitter and Facebook alike. Andrew Turner (Guitarist) and Matthew Seymour (Vocalist) are some of the sweetest guys with the kindest intentions. They love their fans and refure to them as 'friends'. Anyone who has seen them live will see the pure emotion on their face and know that these boys have an amazing future ahead. They mean a lot to every fan and the fucking rock! :D
Shan: Hey, man! Did you go to the A Sleepless Melody gig on the weekend!?
Mim: Yeah, man! They freakin' kicked it!
Shan: Matt hugged me and called me Lennie again! D:
Mim: HAHAHAHAHAHA. /Mentally Hi-5's Mattchu.
by Mimishhh October 27, 2010
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When you lay in bed thinking of someone special to you.
I had a sleepless night thinking of you
by Mr.busch February 20, 2017
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It's when you can't sleep and as you stare at the ceiling, thoughts and feelings rush over you as you realize you've given up on all of your dreams. And as this blanket of dark covers you, not wanting to become smothered, you're mind focuses on that one person who touched your soul. All becomes calm as you begin to touch yourself to remember and to feel again.
I was tossing and turning until I focused on you. Your sleepless touch was all I needed.
by Relaxed&satisfied79 November 13, 2013
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'speechless sleepless' is experienced by an individual when they are left both speechless and sleepless as a result of being away for the most important and special person in the entire universe.

When the special person says or does something to stun the individual, speech may either totally cease or in a less extreme case, the individual may experience a slight wheezing noise each time they attempt a word. And because of the distance between the two, sleeplessness is experienced double fold.

The experiencer of speechless sleepless, will feel extremely light headed 1) because they are still thinking constantly about their special person 2) because attempts at trying to speak but with no success expends vast energy 3) restlessness because they can't get to bed. In addition, an intoxication involving immense feelings of love or euphoria can also be felt and intensifies the experience of 'speechless sleepless'
yikes, i can't speak or sleep or breath... i must be suffering from an severe case of speechless sleepless.
by speechless.sleepless May 30, 2010
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