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A beautiful woman who cares deeply for her children and family. A women above and beyond expectations who makes sacrifices for herself in order to provide for others. She is a lover, not a fighter, and wants the world to be peaceful and loving. She is beautiful internally as well as externally and will always be the one true friend in your life.
Do you know AGATHA?
Yes I do, she is a wonderful person.
by themotherofall July 27, 2010
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The ticklish part of the body on the side. The flesh on the side usually more near the back than the belly. When using this word, it is more for the intention of grabbing someone's side and yelling AGATHA!, causing a startling effect. Its hilarious.
"Hahahaha, you just got agathad!"
by Josephfrodo March 15, 2009
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A name used when prank calling people. Its is an alias, you also talk really funny when you impersonate the Agatha character fooling your victims so they don't know who you are.
victim: hello
agatha: hi its agatha
victim: who?
agatha: its agatha silly, listen i really need to talk to you.
victim: okay, i'm gonna go now
victim: *hangs up*
agatha: *laughing her ass off*
by jasmine parker July 09, 2005
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agatha was born aged 118 in 3 b.b.m.b (before browntardf monkey boy) and whilst tripping on shrooms was visited by a flying hobo that told her she would give birth to browntardf monkey boy in three years. she was immaculate at the time, having only just been born, therefore she discovered their would be something miraculous about this occasion. she later realised, after the great battle of 94 that she'd given birth to the god of tivertown.
agatha was the first reptile to walk on mars.
by marvin barrs November 27, 2004
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A very friendly person that enjoys the simple things in life; a gamer, a cook, a great babysitter, and dislikes questions. Why would they have a reason to do something? They just do it for themselves. A no life that plays Roblox, and pretty much is a geek.
That geek, Agatha, though.
by agatha0926 November 27, 2017
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usually an annoying, backstabbing, jealous hoe who is fake and really ugly
Helen- what was that?
Susie- that was an Agatha.
by purpleET March 19, 2019
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