Someone who loves guys and girls. Not a confused hetrosexual and not a confused homosexual. Not sex hungry.
Have to prove they aren't more likely to cheat on their partner with someone else just because they are attracted to the same sex.
I liked Karen last April, but this December I like David. I am bisexual.
by reggaemuffin25 March 3, 2015
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Someone who is in all ways attracted to both guys and girls. It is not because they are sex fanatics, or simply can't decide. Being bisexual is not a phase from people who haven't fully come out yet. It is as real as being straight or gay. You might have a preference over one sex, but bisexual means you can be attracted to both genders sexually, physically, and emotionally. In other words, you are fully capable of FALLING IN LOVE with them, just as a woman would fall in love with a man. It's not a circus freak thing.
Sally fucked Jack and Jill, and enjoyed them both.

I am bisexual.

by rockallnight123 July 18, 2006
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someone who is atracted to both male and female
by daniel mccaughan October 8, 2003
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The Bisexuals need not confine themselves to one preference. They are your superiors. You may now bow.
by King Shuvel, Lord of All March 29, 2018
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Bisexual is when you like women/girls and men/boys you may not know at first if you are bi or not but it feels amazing and scary at the same time❤

I am Bisexual (i have not told anyone yet so you could be the first🙃❤)
I am bisexual
by Bisexual pringle January 9, 2017
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just because im bisexual dont mean i am half means i love both gender you fuck face
by biisreal November 14, 2014
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ppl from bisexual country are so swag!!
by romuuu January 20, 2021
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