A "douche douche." One who acts in strict accordance with the ways of double douche-baggery.
Andy is such a double-D.
That guy in class was such a double-D.
by MisterDD March 18, 2007
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There are plenty of females who act friendly, but as soon as they get up the block, they are sucking some dude's dick they dont know. She's looking for the double d. Dick and drama
by mongol September 19, 2004
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Another name for Dunkin'Donuts, a purveyor of donuts and coffee.
I got myself a good cup of coffee and a boston creme filled doughnut from Double D.
by kerplunk March 15, 2005
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The Daddy Dick! A really big penis that is almost unbelievable. Only a small percent of guys have the double D.
Elodia: Damn Isai you got the Double D
Isai: I know its like 9 and a 1/2 years long.
Elodia: Cum on my tits!
by Vince! April 02, 2008
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Double D, also known as DD is the Designated Driver, or person who can't drink because he has to drive their shit-faced friends home. Often times the Double D shift is rotated amongst a group of friends or a group of friends finds a person desperate for friendship to be the double d.
"Want a beer?"
"Nah man I can't, I'm playing Double D tonight."
by Tony3559 April 02, 2008
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A double black diamond run for skiing or snowboarding. It is short for "Double Diamond"
Dude! I just bombed that double d!
by E Z April 29, 2006
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