A girl with size DD breasts.
I got a double d waitin' at the tree for me.
by jt November 22, 2002
when a girl has a big sized chest.
I have big double d's.
by Stacy May 27, 2006
the skinny nerdy kid with a black sock over his head in 'Ed Edd and Eddy' the cartoon show on cartoon network
Eddy: double D, look, jawbreakers!
Edd aka double D: Eddy its too expensive we can never afford it!
Ed: butter toast
by G-G-G-G Faness October 2, 2005
A breast size that most men seem to believe are enormous basketball tits. In reality, the size of the breast depends on the size of the woman. But they are larger than a handful. Even for people with behemoth hands.
You banged a double d? Her tits must have been huge!

No, actually, they weren't like, the size of my head or anything. But there were larger than a handful, in spite of my behemoth hands.
by Laura!!!!!!!! January 27, 2009
what all girls should have
where are my double d's?
by Pat O'Malley March 21, 2004
Another name for Dunkin'Donuts, a purveyor of donuts and coffee.
I got myself a good cup of coffee and a boston creme filled doughnut from Double D.
by kerplunk March 15, 2005
There are plenty of females who act friendly, but as soon as they get up the block, they are sucking some dude's dick they dont know. She's looking for the double d. Dick and drama
by mongol September 20, 2004