I've gotta go now.=I have to go now.
He's gotta hit'im.=He has to hit him.
by Fangsta March 17, 2003
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-calm down
-stay chill

phrase written by: Alexa S. and Kaylee W.
phrase produced by: the lemonade recipe
a. two of your friends start bickering so you break it up saying "gotta have that ice man!"

b. you see someone yelling at someone else, you protect them by saying "gotta have that ice!"
by Kaylee W. and Alexa S. December 14, 2010
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A facebook user group whose purpose is the encouragement of facebook content and humor revolving around the satirical cowbell metaphor made popular in a Saturday Night Live skit. The SNL classic mocks Blue Oyster Cult members (played by Will Farrell, Chris Kattan, Horatio Sands and Jimmy Fallon) in the recording studio where they are laying down "Don't Fear The Reaper" with record producer, Bruce Dickenson (played by guest host, Christopher Walken) who advises the fellas that they are going to want that cowbell in their sound and the track could use a little more cowbell to an already "cowbell prevalent" song.

A (subliminal) tool used to politely suggest to your long lost pal to add some content to their facebook profile.

The classic request for more facebook content.

A facebook classic.
Glad to see you on facebook, here is a link to my favorite user group.

This group was made for you.

About your profile, I gotta have more cowbell!
by mortgagecommitments March 29, 2010
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1a. Personal preference meets tradition/custom. Literally: “I must go with what I’ve predetermined to be my personal preference for specific situations/circumstances.”
For instance, to be used in reference to what your favorite food item (typically) would be during any specific event or moment. A better way of saying: “You KNOW I gotta go with the MALTballs right now.” Most accurately this is stoner slang; when you're in the convenience store, high with your homies, grab your favorite snack and say "Gotta have my pops/popz/pawps/pawpz."

2a. Casual reinforcement for one's personal preferences; passive self-assertion. It's a marriage between "What can I say?" "You know me," and "Nothing but the best for me"; "What can I say, nothing but the best for me"; similar but not equal to "That's how I roll." Often but not always expressed with palms up, shoulders shrugged.
by DZASSTRUSS October 18, 2011
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