Using this in chat rooms or as a username is a clear indication that you would like to suck some dick. It encourages others to message you asking for a blowjob. If you carry the name some dude, you are also expected to be mobile with your dick sucking lips (dsl)
I was just looking for some dude, I'm not sure what his name is, but some dude would be great right now!
by SomeDudeWhoLikesToSuckDick April 11, 2020
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The classic syndrome exhibited by those who got beat up, stabbed or shot, and dont want to admit they know who did it. usually by some wrong-doing over drugs or money owed.
dr smith: do you know what happened tonite?

Billy Bob: YA! i was standing on my porch, minding my own business, smoking a cigarette, and "some dude" came along and shot me!

dr smith: did you see this person?

billy bob: nope. it was just some dude.

i.e. some dude syndrome
by princessandrea1219 October 23, 2008
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"Some Creepy Dude is so awesome and he totally didn't type this like 3 minutes ago"
by Some Crippling Dude July 7, 2017
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Look Some Creepy Old Dude up on Facebook.
It's an awesome page... and sexy.

Look it up all all will make sense.
Loser: you like Waycest yah?
Some Creepy Old Dude: of course, I'm its pimp.
by thfhidsji 7 January 9, 2012
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A sterotypical eastern european person described in a news article about him/her doing something rediciolous/stupid.
Yesterday I saw this crazy news article, Some Polish Dude got electrocuted by peeing on an electric fence.
by A literal pole November 10, 2019
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just some dude
i want to be just some dude
by bobobpbobobo January 3, 2022
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