A word a male or female friend or companion. Its a slang of the slang term 'dog'in which hip-hop and rap enthusiasts use often.
tr.v. Doog Doogie Dowg aka dog
1. What up doogy.
2. I bought a doogy today.
3. Im goin with my doogies kick back.
4. Hell yea Doogie
by Paul Shaun Romero December 18, 2005
Australian slang for a dumb person or something that is sketchy
“Oh your doogie mate” exclaimed Jarod to his friend after tripping over a lump of dirt
by Bogancunt123 April 15, 2019
Someone who is close to you but you barely know.
-A neighbor close to your house but you don't know as well as other neighbors.

-A clerk at a grocery store.

-An inlaw you never talk to at parties.

-Uncle John is being such a doogie, he doesn't even know it.

-Why does the mailman think he's friends with us. He is such a doogie.
by What president? July 22, 2009
someone you don't know as well as others you know

-the guy who sits 2 seats down from you on the bus.
-a person who takes walks down your street
- the guy who works at a store you go to occasionly
-Wow! That Blockbuster clerk is such a doogie, he tells bad jokes too!

-I hate how our new neighbors are acting like doogies around us.
by BcB_ December 8, 2009
replacement for 'dude' generally used on the east coast
so whats happenin doogie?
by Will October 6, 2004
Cracked Underground rapper known as lil gnome made a hit song named doogies
I played doogies inside my house now its on fire.
by Lil gnome August 28, 2020