A silk-like material worn around the head of black males as a fashion statement. It wraps around the skull, with a small flap hanging down in the rear, over the neck.

Doo-Rags originated in prisons in the 1970's, to try and simulate the long hair of a (male) female inmate, so the (male) males, could easily tell them apart. They were originally black, but many colors are in use today.

Now banned in most prisons of today, Doo-Rags have moved into main stream black fashion, and the use no longer signifies any sexual connotations. Court cases in New York City have supported the use of Doo-rags at work, when employers complained that it was not "appropriate". Black men have even been seen in a business suit, coming from work, wearing a doo rag. Bald Black men (with no braids) also wear doo rags. A doo rag, under a baseball cap, it also gaining popularity.

The word derivation is "Hairdoo rag"
Did you see Jamal? He look fly in his doo-rag
by Lakeisha Montrell June 23, 2007
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cloth or mesh that fit properly over the head and can be used for to enhance the appearance of "waves" on a persons head, keep braids un-nappy, or just to wear for style.
Guy 1:I'm wearing my doo-rag to get waves!

Guy 2: Dude, that looks like a head condom.
by Woobie May 30, 2005
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A head covering styled similar to a bandana with a tail that might be made of cloth or mesh or even leather; a distant cousin to the spandex skully.
"No way that 80-year-old guy is wearing an Antonio Ansaldi doo-rag!"
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A bandanna, worn in such a way as to contain most of the hair.
Hey. Dude. Stop wearing that doo-rag. It makes you look like me. 'cause I'm wearing one, too.
by Jesseee May 23, 2006
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cloth worn to protect ones doo (hair do). orginally worn to protect a "process". doo rags have been in play since the 40's

the doo rag did not originate in prisons in the seventies contrary to tv and other popular beliefs
he knotted in his doo rag slightly to side; hoping to keep his hair laid until the weekend.
by darkgreencomet March 3, 2008
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a peice of material worn mostly by male African Americans in order to get waves in their hair
"Why does Eminem wear doo rags? There is no way he can get waves"
by the_aftermath May 19, 2005
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