A thick cap without the fold.

A beanie.
He was rockin' the ill skully.
by crash February 25, 2004
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a hat or no brim black wool cap
my skully is tight on my head
by adam March 20, 2005
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slang for blow job, or more proper, oral sex
That girl gave me a hella good skully last night.
by Anonymous October 2, 2003
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slang for a woman giving a man oral sex
Cutty #1- Damn, Nicole gives some good ass skully!
Cutty #2- I know, she even lick the balls and swallow too!
by Kenny Peters February 7, 2007
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Any girl who does one of various things to piss a niggah off, such as not putting out, being a trick, acting like a white bitch or just pissing Beard off in general.
Tyrone Beard:"Bitch dont make me..."
Hoe: "No I didnt do nothing I swear"
Tyrone Beard: "Girl you a skully!"
Crowd: "OHHHH SHIT!"
by Tyrone Beard July 8, 2005
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The skull, one's head, one's cabeza, the melon, the gray matter, the cap
50Cent promises to leave those that step to him leaking outta they skully.
by King Fashizl al-MahNizl April 1, 2003
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