when someone is too attractive so you think waves will make them get less girls.
adam is stealing all the the girls he should get waves”
by smpslut August 2, 2021
If you’re wondering on whether or not to get waves DO IT
“Man I’ve been growing my hair out for five years I wonder how I should style my hair”
Get waves 😃”
by oscarsowavy July 29, 2021
something a opp/opposition/cop would say
get waves bro” and someone replied “opposition activities” or “opp
by zenitsudagoat.. July 29, 2021
anyone who says this is an opp
“get waves bro” “opposition
by zenitsudagoat.. July 30, 2021
Similar to "stay in you lane" this phrase refers to when someone is stealing your thing.
Caitlin: I think I'm going to start wearing all black and referring to myself as a"creative"

Megan: Seriously!? That's my thing. Get off my wave!
by meganlatte August 6, 2017