the brap brap brap brap feeling you get in your head when you inhale nitrous oxide gas (n2o gas) out of a balloon. happens in conjunction with the 45 second high when you're totally out of it. happens almost immediately.
dude that song sounded totally trippy as soon as i started to fish out.
by Bob Handle November 23, 2007
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To suddenly and temporarily pass out from inhaling or "huffing" nitrous oxide
I fished out and knocked over the nos tank.
by David Caviar October 21, 2006
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Having ingested too much, or just the right amount of GHB and/or purple hooter so that one flails about on the ground, resembling a fish out of water.
"Tina was all fishing out in a G-hole and when the paramedics arrived, she was face down in the river."
by SONOFNIP July 31, 2006
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A mental and physical state that occurs after having spent a considerable amount of time with a fish or among fish. Can have both a positive and a negative connotation; the substance is contextual and the use is case specific.
- He came back after a long Sunday of hard work at the fishmongers. He took his boots off and lied in his bed staring at the ceiling. He was fished out!

- Yeah man so I met this girl, the Fish!
* The fish, ha! That's nickname.Was she nice?!
- Sure man, loads of fun. We spent the whole day together, it was great, but I came back home totally fished out!
by Elijah Simmons June 30, 2013
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(adj.) When a tweaker becomes so skinny, that their cheeks have no substance and eyes bulge out of the sockets.
That bitch has been up for six days, lookin' straight Fished-out.
by Bounce.Nerd November 10, 2009
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