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North-east England slang for cannabis resin.
Tac smoker: Awww man a'v got ne tac left 'ave a?
by The Master E June 26, 2007

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Great rock band from Wales consisting of vocals/guitarist Grant Nicholas, bass player Taka Hirose and drummer Mark Richardson.

Their former drummer Jon Lee suffered a tragic death in 2002 after finishing their seventh album Comfort in Sound. However this did not stop their progress in making three additional albums to present day with their new drummer.
How do you feel when there's no sun
And how will you be when the rain clouds come pull you down again
How will you feel when there's no one
Am I just like you

Feeling A Moment - Feeder
by The Master E August 15, 2006

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When you've got the raw end of a deal, most commonly associated with cannabis.
Dan: Here Dave, I got 10 oz of skunk, lets party!
Dave: This isn't skunk, it's parsley! a fucking herb! And its only 2 ounces, you've been seriously bumped!
by The Master E March 14, 2007

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Bastardisation of rofl and lmao, Laugh My Ass On the Floor Laughing combines the two to create an even more retarded meaning.
bob123: OLOLOLOL!!!11 penis!!
fux0rj00ce: LMOFL!!!!!!!!!!!111""""
by The Master E October 19, 2006

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Person 1: Woah, what happened last night?
Person 2: You were absolutely donnered, daft cunt.
by The Master E April 27, 2007

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The study of Chuck Norris.
Chucknology should be taught to children worldwide.
by The Master E March 03, 2009

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Tiring, knackering.
"Ugh this hill is taxing"
by The Master E September 09, 2007

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