noun: the acronyms for the video game Donkey Kong and for the band Dead Kennedys.
we played dk while listening to dk
by the storm drains July 29, 2009
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a person who has skills as difting


drift king
P1: whoa that kids does sick as drifts!
p2: duh his the dk
by farkenskank July 5, 2009
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v., refuse a requested action due to lack of knowledge.

From "don't know"; originally used by securities trading back offices who would "dk" trades presented by other traders if mention of the trade was missing from their records.
Bouncer: That dude wasn't on the list so I dk'd him.
by tbonemcgee August 1, 2009
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dude, when tf does the game start?

lol, dude dk

OMG, when do i get my period????

O.O yru asking me? dk???
by Asscakes July 11, 2009
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A)acronym: "Double Kill", a term used commonly in the MM game, Gunbound. When a player gets Double Kill (that is, when they destroy two of their opponents in a turn) they get their name shown in the chatbox saying "so-an'-so did Double Kill in a room (insert number)", as well as getting a buttload of money.

B)acronym: Donkey Kong ((c) Nintendo, of course).
"come on u guys dk already!!"

"DK is totally gonna kick 'is ass."
by Antipode Lunai April 4, 2004
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Acronym of noun phrase: Dirty knees. Result of a male who gets down on his knees to perform fellatio on another male.
Rich: urgh ur dk,
Mark: no im not.
by Bryan manderson April 15, 2008
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