2 definitions by isamu999

To do a girl from behind until the point of climax, then promptly smash a barrel on her back while beating your chest and yelling out loud. Afterward you may pull out a banana and have fun.
When a girl enters your room you must first explain why there is a barrel on or near the bed. You might have to explain to her afterwards what the donkey kong is and why you did it.
by isamu999 November 11, 2007
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When a girl goes down below and starts sucking on your junk, you wait till you are about to cum and then cum ALL around her face. Once the cum is all around her face you wait and the cum falling down her face represents Drapery's as in drapery's on your wall. It also represents Niagara Falls as the cum drips from her face.
The cum slowly drips down her face and slows down which are the drapery's and when thay are falling its as if it was cum falls which comes out to Drapery Falls.
by isamu999 November 11, 2007
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