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to devour a mans penis and balls as their homosexual lover
Lincoln likes to go home after a hard day at work and nibble on the kibble
by Macktown July 10, 2018

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in a state of high level alcohol intoxication, it is to face plant on ones face while descending a set of stairs
David's face looks like a piece of Salami man! I heard he pulled out the scorpion stance while he was munted and on holidays in France
by Macktown July 15, 2018

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Watch Steves mum undress to see some fine titobillies.
by Macktown February 17, 2018

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the anger generated in old people when they realise different facets of their world have changed for the worse
when John saw his football teams squad for next year he fucking lost his shit and went into a full baby photo rage
by Macktown July 16, 2018

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to violently remonstrate against someones stupidity in a controlled environment (like the office) by banging ones fists on their chair or body whilst standing above and behind them
Michael was furious at Eddie's stupidity and came out of his office and gave him the fucking best donkey kong that he has in years
by Macktown July 15, 2018

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Urgently needs to do a shit
I gotta find a toilet real soon man, the mixer's at the door.
by Macktown February 17, 2018

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An extremely hard pussy to nail
I tell you man...I'm not sure the last time someone has done Ali, it's been that long the thing may have sealed over. We're talking a serious case of Thatcher snatch dude!
by Macktown July 18, 2018

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