I real penis of a person
12inch plus!!
You are such a dong!!
i have a dong
by Tom. N March 20, 2005
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The opposite of a low-rider vehicle, a dong in the urban setting, particularly inner city areas, is a coupe or sedan with extremely large diameter wheels and very low-profile tires. Fanciful variation of a whip to cartoon-like proportions.
A typical "dong" will be any 1980s Oldsmobile car painted in a unique color and featuring 30 inch--or larger--wheels or spinners (wheels with separately free-rotating hubs).
by Heavy1974 October 06, 2006
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When two big,enormous balls such as "the ball sack" collide to bring an excruciating experiance.
Peter donged when he fell down from judo; it hurt a lot.
by Petes March 07, 2005
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You're Trini if you can understand the following: Yuh was dey when we do de ting dong dey de day? ;)

(Translation for the interested: Were you there when we did that thing the other day?)
by redgyul April 02, 2005
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a big ding dong 9" re (gosh that is big)
o my god (omg) is that feal
iv got a big ding dong and it is 9" er and yes it is real

gillis fa bathgate get that out ur gub no u cant get a shot of it
by Johnny Dong July 06, 2004
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go to www.dildo.com they have a nice selection of jelly dongs.
by ilovedildos July 21, 2003
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