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To snapchat a female with a full blown erection that is visible on the screen, as long as you can, without her noticing.
Yo dude! I donged Sydney last night so bad! It took a few hours before she noticed and started to send me nudes!
by Idongedyourmother February 23, 2014
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to be so intoxicated (typically high af) to the point of not being able to recollect past events and actions. One who is donged will experience fits of laughter as well as a kavanaughty tingle (but only sometimes)
guys last night....I WAS SO FUCKING DONGED
by dongergang October 05, 2018
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When a guy sneaks up to one his buddies preferably in a public place and slaps him with his penis so that he doesn't realise and then tell them they have just been donged
woodsy - "awww danny donged me so badly at the pool today"
by dannydongedwoods July 31, 2008
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