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A criminal gang that terrorizes people with their large and menacing cocks.
People were screaming running away from the corner, and I saw a group of naked men brandishing their huge, menacing cocks at the terrorized crowd. I was quaking with fear, and took cover. It was the dreaded Cock ring!
by Xaime June 03, 2019

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Describes a guy who has a hardy cock
Bro can go all night with that thing. He's hella cockhardy!
by Xaime January 22, 2016

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What some people call “manscaping,” with c & b standing for “cock and ballsack.”
Milo: My bro Ray told me he went to that specialty barber shop down on Hipster Alley to get him some c& b grooming.
Me: What hothead fuck is c & b grooming, bro.
Milo: Well first they shampoo the hole area around your dick and balls, then they dry you off and take a beard trimmer to your wild and woolies till there ain’t much left. After that, they use a disposable safety razor to shave your cock balls clean, along wit the inner thighs and the taint. And you’re done.
Me: So was he happy with it.
Milo: Yup, real happy. He even showed me and let me feel how close the shave.
Me: Yeah, with that big dick, he was always a show-off. Think he’d show me too, though?
by Xaime June 01, 2019

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The penis, mostly used when referring to large penises or to jerking off.
Harry’s so fascinated by his massive dong that he’s just gotta jerk off a lot.
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by Xaime May 20, 2019

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an invitation to squirt sum jizz
When Scott saw me in the gym showers and checked out my dong, he told me I was wellcum any time.
by Xaime June 11, 2019

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A form of male friendship and mutual attraction based on each other’s cock. Can be either non-sexual or sexual. The non-sexual form can be based on admiration of the shape, size, or squirts of the other ‘s cock; the erotic form on mutual sexual activity, such as jerking off, cocksucking, or fucking.
Mark and Otis first experienced cockbonding on seeing each other’s hanging dick in the gym gang showers. They are now strongly cockbonded.
by Xaime May 28, 2019

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A dude you can recognize just from seeing his dick, even without seeing the rest of him. This is usually because you’ve jerked dong with him so many times.
Stu: “Nice day for Naked Race, huh? Hey, is that your bro Mitch coming up alongside?”
Stan: “Nah, man, Mitch is cut, and this bro’s got skin. That’s my dongbro Lou. Dude’s got a hella hot porn collection. He can go for a long time and work up to a spectacular finish. Hey, Lou! Wanna rub one out after the race?”
by Xaime May 20, 2019

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