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A more proper way of telling someone they are a complete fucking idiot. Commonly said with a short rap on one's own head for emphasis.

Used in situations where sayign the words "complete fucking idiot" may get you in trouble, such as school.
That screen door was closed and you walked right through it, you ding-dong!
by moi April 20, 2004
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Idiot or penis

A silly word used to instigate fights.
"You're a fucking ding-dong"


"Suck my ding-dong, please"
by ZT June 09, 2005
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Ding Dong!!!

1.The sound the door bell makes (Sounds 100 times louder when it's your parents at the door)

2.An idiot

3.similar to a jerk off (An ignorant dick wad, not someone who masturbates excessively)
1.Ding dong!

You:oh no its....

Your parents:Hi sweetie!!!

2.Look at Mark...Shoving a firecracker up his arse....What a ding dong
by Fucktarded Scarecrow July 31, 2009
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