Relax dude; Relax, you have cash. "Don't trip" derived from the 60's slang acid trip where drug users suffered pharma hallucinations and profound, sustained reality detachment.

Money grip is dual use term for a person generically, and also a person holding cash. From hold comes grip.
Person A: God Damn! Have you seen the price of Bubbalicious?! 35 cents? For a Pack?! Daaaaammmmn!

Person B: Don't trip, money grip! and buy me a pack of grape! Damn you're cheap. For realz and with all those benjamins clogging your ass!
by T-Beeze May 2, 2008
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Don't Even Trip - Not concerning yourself with an issue , especially when you did everything to could to keep it real with a person.

When you come to the point when you're through putting up with someone's BS, and just telling them what's really what.
P.C. told AD, "Don't even trip about your ex, I got your back."
by Sir Rey October 16, 2007
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Used when telling someone not to cop an attitude (emphasis on the word "even").
Girl, don't EVEN trip about Rita hookin up wit Jose.
by smelly_cat40 November 30, 2003
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cuz fliped on me, i told ol' boy don't even trip
by Dolla December 1, 2003
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An expression used to suggest a person not to get angry.
Man Don't even trip, She only cheated on you because she's like that.
by KoVaH November 28, 2003
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don't worry about it- it ain't worth it
Hey man don't even trip, that hoe was askin to get knocked up.
by Jess December 1, 2003
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