14 definitions by Giddy

1. Too eager to get something (especially play)
2. Desperate
(Boy running up) "Ay gurl whasup? Look, you lookin real nice, can I get that young number?"

(Girl under breath) "Thirsty"
by Giddy December 4, 2003
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Desperate person who wants another persons identity so does a pathetic impersonation lame
Get yo big I wanna be Mike face....
by Giddy December 1, 2003
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A person (usually female) who will let anyone (and usually does) bust one on/ in them at any time
Don't mess with her she's a bust down!
by Giddy April 25, 2005
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A bustdown to the 3rd degree. (Cuz bustdowns have limits, but with doornobs, everybody gets a turn)
by Giddy December 1, 2003
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