Ol' boy can be used in reference to anybody previously metioned in a conversation.
It can also be used in reference to a girl's boyfriend.
"Ol' boy is trippin'."
"Say girl, how's ol' boy doin'?"
by Dub Feezy December 14, 2003
1. Hey ole boy, how's it hanging?

2. I'm proud of you ole boy, good work.
3. The ole boy just bowled a turkey.

4. Ya, I heard ole boy just threw a couple touch downs.
by Ole_man_stetter December 13, 2010
A lad that has been 'on tour' to become and ol' boy.

On tour is the journey through life, where a man will learn many a thing. He begins as a simple child, then growing through adolesence into an age also known as 'Ladhood' which is infamous for it's relation to the drinking culture.

To become an ol' boy is a prestigious moment in a mans life, it is a declaration; that the man in particular holding this title is one to be respected - for he is all wise in life, and a role model to all currently in the stage of Ladhood.
"Whats that prick on about?"
"I dunno, but I would listen to what he's saying, Les Rouse is an ol' boy."

"Why should I listen to you dad?!?"
"Because son, i'm an Ol' boy. I've lived life."
"nuff said."
by Lad-on-tour January 11, 2010
Big ole boy is a descriptive term of endearment to politely describe a man who lives in the south who is either obese, morbidly obese, or bed ridden with obesity but has made no changes in his lifestyle choice to slow the rate at which he is becoming more obese because his own self image issues have caused him to believe that he is actually a total hardcore bad ass. Although slightly intimidating from an appearance standpoint, big ole boys are only hazardous from a physical standpoint for 7 to 10 seconds do to the lack of cardio fitness, and typically can be distracted by a double cheese burger. Big ole boys can be misleading because , even while powering through their 2nd double order of deep fried sadness, they will describe how bad ass they are and who's ass they were just about to kick, but in reality are going to kick no ass. East TX has one of the highest populations of big ole boys in the world as most big ole boys work for fracking companies and drilling companies either directly or indirectly.
by stone definition August 20, 2014
A good ole boy is a southern white male that has manners and belives in traditional values. NOT the same as a redneck, hick, or hillbilly. If you believe otherwise than you're probably a yankee.
by JCMoney May 4, 2004
A Southern born boy who is country to the core. He likes to hunt and could not be prouder of his gun collection. He carries one knife in his pocket and another in his boot, in case the one in his pocket gets confiscated. Usually drives a truck and listens to country. A hard working, honest gentleman, who prefers the simple life and is just looking for a girl he can take shootin'.
"On our first date he showed me a picture of him pulling a bullet out of a deer's heart. He said he keeps it on his desk."
"Oh, you got yourself a good ol' boy! They're the best!"
by nurseawesome August 23, 2013