Phrase used by an avetard to get another mentally weak avetard to cave in and do some dumb tard shit. This phrase works so well because all avetards are mentally weak as shit and can't deal with jack shit. An avetard also doesn't want to be known as a bitch even though that's exactly what he is no matter what.
"Dude come take rip off the dab rig"
"Nah not tonight"
"Dude come on, "don't be a bitch""
"Ok fine, just a baby dab"
by TurnM3Up December 4, 2019
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You see this new bitch Keisha at the club and she all on your nigga and you approach her like "get yo hands of my mans hoe, I ain't afraid to cut a bitch" then Keisha replies " I ain't want yo dirt ass nigga anyway trick and yo bitch ass ain't gon do shit" in which you reply " you don't know me bitch".
by Esnesnon January 21, 2016
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used when the mother of child wants to manipulate the father in some way by depriving the father visitation and using the guise of it being "that bitch" the fathers girlfriend, friend, or any female the said mother is slightly jealous of or feels is leverage enough to use against said father
dad to baby momma: so can _______ come visit for the weekend, as outlined in our papers?

baby momma to dad: no

dad to baby momma: why? its in the papers... its my weekend!

baby momma to dad: "i don't want that bitch around my kid(s)", you can come see _______here at my house with my lame ass and then we can talk.
by brj365 January 20, 2012
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1) What you say when you tell a nigga/cracka who frontin' to lay off your bitch.
2) should have been the title of that Nivea wouldn't suck so much then.
1) Don't fuck with my bitch nigga or the pigs gonna find you and your family in a dark alley lyin' in chalk.
2) Don't fuck with my bitch, I'm a be the one to break it to you, got my niggaz and my bitch, so find yo own ho and leave mine alone yo.
by Nick D March 6, 2003
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One bad-ass son of a bitch, this man kicks anyone and everyones ass, so don't get on his bad side mother fucker.
Chuck Norris can eat a Rubik cube and poop it out solved.
Chuck Norris isn't God but he can beat him at golf.
Chuck Norris counted to infinity - twice.
Chuck Norris has already been to Mars; that's why there are no signs of life there.
Chuck Norris is so amazing don't fuck with him bitch
by FAS7 187 January 19, 2011
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