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Dommie is shorthand for Dominionist, a particularly vile and rabid form of fundamentallist Christian seeking to impose Christian Biblical sharia law on America and suspend the Constitutional freedoms enjoyed by American citizens in favor of a theocratic tyranny of the worst sort. Dommie is also partially derived from the shorthand for Commie because despite differing political views, BOTH seek to impose tyranny.
Do your patriotic duty, kill a dommie for mommie.
Pat Robertson is a key Dommie leader a literally the most dangerous man in America.
What is that Dommie garbage you are reading? Oh its the Dommie fanfic by Tim LeHaye, "Left Behind"
Today I received some Dommie TP in my mailbox, "The Watchtower"
by binydeamon October 17, 2009
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dommie is a black haired chicky with the pink cellie and the black and red clothes.
if i ever meet a dommie, i will tell want to see her cell phone.
by texxy December 04, 2003
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