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Hitting a ground ball to the pitcher with runners on first and second or with bases loaded resulting in a double play. The result makes your hamstring hurt and you over limp back to dugout.
What did Vince do last time up? He hit a Dommy to the pitcher with bases loaded and his hammy hurt more..
by TCardi August 18, 2018
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1. The name of the robot puppet bad guy in the Christmas special, Jack Frost.

2. The person in a 3-person game of Catchphrase who must guess words from definitions provided by the other two players.

3. A third wheel in a party meant for two.
(2) As an only child, I always had to be the dommy when my parents wanted to play Catchprase.

(3) He always feels like a dommy when he crashes his best friend's date night.
by kdoc January 03, 2006
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A type of person who makes cool jokes but is also thicc as hell. They like to say HAWT and THICC 24 7. They like to express there feelings thought jokes and makes A LOT OF JOKES. ITS ALL JUST JOKES MAN.
"WhO MaDe ThIs FuCkEd Up JoKe. That would be Dommy."
by litassbitch💞 June 05, 2018
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