what gojo does when he is horny after seeing naruto trying to grab his ass.
Gojo uses Domain Suspansion to Spank dat Ass
by you are a joo March 24, 2021
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Formerly the idea that the government could buy your house and use the land for a road or school or park or something that bennefited the public. Recently redefined by the supreme court as communist style thing that lets the government take ur house and sell the land to Wal-Mart so they can collect more taxes
Eminent domain seems more and more like something only commies would do.
by agentsteve July 3, 2005
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A once benifical law used to aquire lands from owners at market value who refuse to sell for the use of public goods and servaces. i.e. railroads, roads, powerlines, parks. Was used only in extreme cases when the expence to goverment would be far to high i.e. a road is already built with one house in the way of expantion. Due to a recent appalling ruling by the supreem courts contary to the U.S. constution and the creation of De Jure Naturae et Gentium it now allows for city corts to STEAL!! land from private owners for private use and gain i.e. taking houses and farms for malls factories for less than market price.
"Go ahead and try to claim eminent domain on my residence for private gain see what happens you'll need more than a swat team to get me out"
by De Jure Law March 31, 2008
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Public domain materials are those things that have copyright or patent protection but have been placed on the Internet thus nullifying the protections. Like busting a condom, once it's done, it's done.
Last night me and Jeff downloaded 50 gigabytes of public domain - pd shit while we were fucking.
by HeyHanna September 26, 2015
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The act of purchasing a domain name while under the influence or drugs, alcohol, or a party full of geeky friends. This usually occurs at or near the end of a party, typically after the party degrades to sharing funny YouTube videos.
Dude, I must have been drunk domaining again last night. I woke up and found out I own 'ilikepoo.com'.
by freerangechick July 21, 2011
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When, in the world of web design and development, your domain name is jacked by another person or company without your knowledge.

When a domain/hosting company forces long-term hosting packages on you for a cheap domain price.

When your web developer or designer owns your domain name and won't give it to you without paying through the nose.
I wanted to change web designers, and the dude who has been working on my site for the past 3 years owns the freakin name. I'm so domain fucked it's not funny.
by Shawn Jackson May 24, 2006
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A retarded way of replying to someone's statement when you having nothing else to say. Only used by calculus kids.
John: " Yesterday i ordered pizza."
Kevin: " On what domain?"
John: " what....?"

Ara: " yesterday i took a shit"
Melia: " On what domain?"
Ara: " ...what ?!?! "
by araG November 5, 2009
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