Person 1-I wish Gojo would rail me
Person 2-Oh my god same!!
by Hisokaswife May 24, 2021
Gojo is the twink violin teacher who only knows to play one song
by gojoisatwink June 4, 2021
The biggest whore. And the sexiest man I've ever seen.

Don't fall for his charms instead fall for his arms. He got too many bitches you are not special.
Girl 1: I'm in love with gojo. I'm gonna marry him

Girl 2: uhh sorry to break it to you but I'm pregnant with his kid

Girl 3: oh! Me too.
by Anonymous_hoekage August 21, 2021
Another word for semen, named after the opaque, viscous, orange scented school cleaning product. It is stored in jugs that have pumps that are used by students to spray all over surfaces in a humorous manner. Teachers and faculty are almost always unaware of the innuendo taking place.
Student 1; "Hey can I spray the Gojo?"

Student 2; "Oh man, I've got Gojo on my hands. Where's the Gojo rag?"
by Colonel Poppin' Fresh June 24, 2011
Damn he's a real Gojo isn't he
by Red-blue July 9, 2021
A gojo is a type of juice a woman may drink to get rid of a certin clump of cells
Stacey will you get me a gojo cuz me and brandon did it last night” “yess OFC girl can’t always trust that Brandon guy” :both laugh hasterically
by Cowrider38746381 November 3, 2020
When you blindfold your partner with a black garment and cum copiously in their hair until it is all white.
We were watching Jiujitsu Kaisen last night together and my girl kept saying how sexy gojo was so I gave her The Gojo
by ParkTandem August 11, 2021