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An event in which big car-shaped billboards, bearing the names of hundreds of corporations, are somehow driven around a track at very high speeds by smaller, human-shaped billboards
I don't understand how NASCAR does it. How do they get those billboards to go around the track so fast?
by agentsteve September 23, 2006
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1. a hand rolled marijuana cigarette
2. old school slang for prison
The chronic in that joint was really bad, it made me choke

He got 30 years in the joint for armed robbery
by agentsteve July 02, 2005
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The ultimate music for improving your concentration. Great for studying, writing papers, reading long books, ect. Has a great beat to drown out all distractions but no words to distract you.
Fuck the mozart effect, i'm gonna listen to some trance while I write my report.
by agentsteve November 25, 2005
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An inexpensive, semiautomatic, high capacity 9mm assault pistol manufactered by intratec. Its shrouded barrel and large magazine in front of the grip give it its menacing appearance. because of its large ammo capacity, from 30 to 50 rounds depending on the clip, this weapon is favored by thugs, and criminals. It considered far too unreliable, heavy and inacurate for self-defense. Its most notorious use was the role it played in the Columbine High School shootings
Grab yo tec-9 so we can go blast those niggas!
by agentsteve July 02, 2005
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Driving while possessing or doing something that the police COULD arrest you for. This does not necessarily mean running drugs or getting caught though.
My niggas was all riding dirty wit their tec-9s, but only half of them got busted by the po po.
by agentsteve August 14, 2007
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What is mistakenly thought to be the title of the Grand Theft Auto parody from the movie Inside Man, which the young black hostage is playing on his PSP. Its real title is "Gangstas iz Genocide". However, this mistake has been made by many credible media outlets, and thus, in the spirit of Urban Dictionary, becomes the true title.

The game involved one black gangsta (the player's character) dressed in the West Coast style of GTA San Andreas driveby shooting another, then finishing him off by stuffing a grenade into his mouth, as the words "Kill Dat Nigga!" appear on the screen.
I'm going to EB to ask them if they have a copy of Kill Dat Nigga!

It's just a joke now, but everyone knows that someone is going to make a game just like Kill Dat Nigga really soon.
by agentsteve April 26, 2006
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Formerly the idea that the government could buy your house and use the land for a road or school or park or something that bennefited the public. Recently redefined by the supreme court as communist style thing that lets the government take ur house and sell the land to Wal-Mart so they can collect more taxes
Eminent domain seems more and more like something only commies would do.
by agentsteve July 02, 2005
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