Cancelling unused domain names, when the renewal fees exceed $1,000.
You: Just got a $1,350 bill for some .com's I haven't even used yet
They: Time to go on a Domain Diet, Dude!
You: true true
What machine learning and computer science professionals call scientists in any field but their own.
The model is confused, I guess we'll have to find some domain scientist to help us understand the problem we're solving.
by Johnlange January 23, 2021
The act of typing in random phrases in the adress bar on your internet browser in search of entertaining websites. This act is usually a result of complete boredom.
"I was so bored last night, I went domain hunting."

"What do you mean?"

"I was typing in things like and looking to see if anything funny came up. It was a complete wastenado of my time."
by David's Wick October 7, 2011
Domain expansion is an advanced barrier technique that manifests the user's Innate Domain.
Aidil Danish : Domain expansion infinite dick.He ntr ur mum infinitely and endlessly until ur mum either died of hunger of too much cum.

Musa : Domain expansion endless shave.First he shave all of your hair.then,your cloth.after that your skin.Then meat and finally bone until u reduced into atoms.

Haziq : Domain expansion white sanctuary.He turn everything white and clean included your heart make ur kind and good.Ur just reborn.

Fazroul : Domain expansion unlimited loli.He make ur have child fetish and lock u in jail.

Aidil b : Domain expansion Kamekaze.He will stop the time forever so u stuck in it forever with him.Kinda sweet right?
by Ninja gen November 17, 2021
A mythological figure controlling a computer's access to a network. If the Roman Domainer is not available, the computer's network access will be compromised.
"Oh no, the computer can't find the Roman Domainer. That's that knackered."
by Roman Domainer June 13, 2006
Gus: we're working on Carols in the Domain for the kids. not to perv on the hot stage manager.
we're here for the kids.

Curly: smile for the kids, if you cant smile, force it. It's for the kids.
by Curlybean December 22, 2008
The state of Illinois, home to the Chi', East Saint, and the 618 (see So. Ill).
I'm from that Ill. domain where they feel no pain........